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Course Description & Holes

Hole #1

This downhill short Par 5 welcomes you to The Canyon. Be careful on your tee shot as a sand trap runs right across the fairway. Any ball found there makes a possible birdie hole now a difficult hole to par after a sand shot. The green is small (get used to this), so accuracy is key.

Hole #2

Hole 2

Par 3’s are difficult at Cold Water, and the first one is no different. Green is downhill and a little left from the new tee box for 2016. A bunker looms on the left short of the green.

Hole #3

Short Par 4 with a fairway that slopes downhill left to right and a green uphill from there. Aim for the left side of the fairway as your ball will tend to run right after hitting the ground.

Hole #4

Hole 4

A stunning Par 3 awaits you at the fourth. This hole tends to play longer than it looks. If you fall short, an uphill difficult up and down attempt awaits. If you are long, you will be searching for your ball among the long grass.

Hole #5

Hole 5

A Par 4 that requires an accurate tee shot with trees lining both sides of the fairway. There is not much room behind the green so your second shot will have to be accurate.

Hole #6

Hole 6

A scenic Par 5 where your tee shot echoes as the tee box is almost like hitting down a corridor. Possibly the most difficult shot on all 18 is this tee shot from the new back tees for 2016. It is reachable in two for a few players if you are able to work the ball left to right off the tee box. Once again the green is protected so going for it in two is a risk vs. reward play.

Hole #7

Hole 7

The 3rd new tee box for 2016. An accurate tee shot is difficult with overhanging trees on both sides just into the fairway. If successful you will be reward with a good look at the green for shot number two.

Hole #8

Hole 8

One of the smallest greens you may ever see makes this easy looking Par 3 not easy at all. Don’t aim for the pin, aim for the center of the green and give yourself a chance at birdie, and watch out for the overhanging tree on the left.

Hole #9

An uphill tee shot finishes out your front nine at The Canyon. You can’t see the green, so keep your tee shot to the right if possible to avoid the hidden water over the hill on the left. This will also give you a better approach angle at the green.

Hole #10

Hole 10

Welcome to the back nine, you will find a little more space here. This new dog leg right Par 5 for 2016 still requires accuracy off the tee to avoid the moguls on the right and the water on the left. A larger green provides a little more room for error.

Hole #11

Hole 11

This Par 3 plays slightly downhill, but still plays quite long. You will need to navigate a tree between you and the green in order to pull out the putter.

Hole #12

Hole 12

The 2nd of the two new Par 5’s for 2016. The new tee box is elevated and set farther back. This is now a pure three shot Par 5 for most players. Keep the ball in the short grass or you will be ball searching on either side. Approach shot requires avoiding the water.

Hole #13


The drive at thirteen is important to set up a good second shot. Any missed fairway will result in a difficult par.

Hole #14

The sharpest of the dogleg stretch. The green is tucked away so a longer drive will allow you a better angle. Cut the corner at your own risk, many a lost ball is evidence of the difficulty here if you try.

Hole #15

A shorter Par 3 finally happens here. Don’t let it fool you. The green is small and difficult to read, putter is the key club here.

Hole #16

Hole 16

This straight and final Par 4 gives you a chance to score low here. Accuracy is the key here to success as the fairway is narrow.

Hole #17

Bunkers guard your final Par 3. Too short is better than long to avoid a difficult chip. The largest green on the course may leave you with a very long putt.

Hole #18

Cold Water Canyon sends you on your way to the 19th hole at The Tavern with this beauty of a Par 5. The tee shot will hang in the air from an elevated tee box, but be wary of the traps and natural area left and right. Long hitters may challenge in two but a bad shot will lead to a difficult task to par. The green is difficult and large to provide you with your final test.


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